Services by Palazzo Tornabuoni

At Le Ville Serristori, we know that the only service worthy of the name is service that is as precisely tailored to you as a made-to-measure suit.

With a dedicated property manager to oversee the everyday workings of the estate, and concierge and housekeeping services guaranteed by Palazzo Tornabuoni, your wish is quite literally our command. When you’re ensconced in your Villa, you may want to order a massage, throw a party for a small group of friends, or charter a boat to enjoy a day or two of island hopping – all easily arranged. And there’s a rich calendar of social activities too, from Easter Egg hunts to summer beach parties, from grape-picking harvest lunches to Christmas and New Year drinks with friends and neighbours. In this charmed coastal enclave, every season brings a reason to celebrate.

Your estate will offer you all the country benefits that one could wish for:  kitchen gardens, herb gardens, meditation and yoga platforms, hiking/biking/running trails, wooden treehouse play area for children and peaceful forests.
Should you wish your fireplaces be laid, simply pick up the phone and choose your wood from the log menu.  Our staff will be on hand to start your open fires at your command.
Babysitting, housekeeping, pool maintenance are all available as and when you require them.
The onsite helipad is available to all residences and their guests for seamless access.