Six exclusive homes that radiate Tuscan style

With a minimum of four bedrooms and a maximum of six, all Villas are large, ranging in size from 615 to 930 square metres. Each is surrounded by an extensive private plot of land of between 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres) and 2.16 hectares (5.3 acres), and each enjoys its own natural stone swimming pool that blends in effortlessly with the landscape.

Come home to Tuscan elegance

Inspired by history and tradition, scattered scenically around a private estate of striking natural beauty, Le Ville Serristori’s six bespoke Villas, each with its own private swimming pool in natural stone, are a seamless blend of old and new, painstaking craftsmanship and contemporary comfort. Every Serristori Villa has been designed so as to allow prospective owners to work together with our team of architects and interior designers to bring a personal touch to their Tuscan dream home amidst the vineyards, within the terms of the pre-approved planning remit.

Our landscape designers are on hand too to help you create a natural paradise of flowers, bushes and trees in order to ensure an enchanting spectacle all year round, even in the heart of winter. Beyond these formal gardens, wildflower meadows invite you to recline and read your favourite book in the shade of ancient olive trees, savour a glass of wine, or merely sit and enjoy the beauty of it all. But the true jewel in your Villa’s crown is its private vineyard, primed and ready for you to enter the elite world of Bolgheri wine.

Three Villas are currently in construction, with completion slated for autumn 2021. Work has yet to begin on the other three – thus allowing prospective owners to work with our architects and designers to personalize their Tuscan vineyard dream home.

Crafting the dream

Tuscan artisans and master builders are among the best in the world. Their expertise rests on a bedrock of traditional, time-tested methods that is passed down from generation to generation.

Attention to detail and sensitivity towards the Villas’ historic context and natural setting is paramount in these elegant country homes that represent a perfect balance of ancient and modern. Le Ville Serristori have been designed from the ground up by Bernardo Tori, a renowned Florence-based architect with forty years’ experience in the restoration and renovation of historic Tuscan villas as well as context-sensitive new-build and interiors projects for prestigious private clients. The warmly elegant interiors, with their dedication to quality materials and eye for detail, are enriched with features such as traditional stone walls, flooring in prized natural wood or Tuscan marbles sourced from Carrara, and bespoke wooden doors, windows and cabinetry finely worked by expert craftsmen.