Le Ville di Tenuta Serristori

Steeped in history, scattered scenically around the estate, blending in with its natural beauty, Tenuta Serristori’s six estate villas are seamless blends of old and new, traditional craftsmanship and contemporary comfort.

Your own vineyard

Grape and vine leaves intertwine, mixing their hues and shades of invaluable colours, nourished by the sun all through spring and summer and finally distilled in night mists and autumnal mornings.


The ultimate Italian hideaway beach

As the sun warms the Tyrrhenian Sea, enjoy a leisurely afternoon at our private beach amidst the natural dunes and umbrella pines of the Maremma’s wild coast.

Private beach

Handmade in Tuscany using natural time-honoured building materials by skilled workmen deeply versed in the culture of their land, the villas feature warm, intimate interiors of understated elegance and grace.

Schooled in the Tuscan tradition, Serristori Villas come to you from the creative team of architects, interior designers and garden experts behind two of Tuscany’s most prestigious hospitality ventures.

The Club: services by Palazzo Tornabuoni

Crafting the art of life, at Le Ville Serristori, we know that the only service worthy of the name is service that is as precisely tailored to you as a made-to-measure suit.