The Maremma - A Place of the Heart

For the region’s noble families through the centuries, the Maremma – a rural coastal swathe of southern Tuscany – has been a place of the heart, treasured since childhood.

This timeless landscape, known for its grain, olives and stately white cattle, was a refuge from the summer heat or city feuds – an ideal spot for reconnecting with the rhythm of the seasons, but also a marvellous retreat for contemplation, relaxation and dolce far niente on splendid dune-fringed beaches.

The Maremma’s unique natural beauty has been tended over the ages by producers hewing to the practises of the ancients. From forests of cork oaks through untouched wetlands teeming with waterfowl to a sandy coastline, much of which remains undeveloped and unspoilt, this pristine land is truly unique.